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The Crown of Despair (unaltered-taken off) by PennyWereSkunk The Crown of Despair (unaltered-taken off) by PennyWereSkunk
The Crown of Despair worn by Blackthorn under Sombra's evil influence turning her into Lastbreath.


"This crown was said by legend to have been made by a pony, unicorn, pegasus, and alicorn of pure evil. The Black Opal eye is for dread, a black crystal of darkness, and red dragon eye ruby of hatred combined create the somber of spitefulness. It'll cause one to be power hungry and evil beyond belief. This object will even cause destruction as it's form of entertainment once it possess any-pony; once possessed you'll ignore all forms of reason.

This crown arbors a side effect, the maker of the crown curses the wearer of the crown to forever look like its maker if worn on a different head than it's maker (King Sombra was the last pony to successfully make one). It's alluring nature with seducing finesse it'll make you to put it on by showing all your hearts desires through the ruby if you wore it. It's magic alone will sucker you in, but this nasty little thing actually can move and place itself on your head if you struggled or just say "No." It changes manes and tail into a thick black smog-like smoke, the more it feeds the thicker and larger the cloud.

This does have a reverse, the only magic powerful than it is Mimicry magic and a lot of willpower. Blackthorn's good side defeated this by combining DarkShire's (her pure good side) willpower with her mimic magic causing a Yin-and-Yang explosion causing it to dislodge from her head and curing Equestria back to its normal balance. The crown feeds on weakness and it creates drones by bewitching other ponies whilst feeding on their weaknesses without the need to be worn. Blackthorn locked up and stored this monster emblem in a classified spot that she only knows."


Free to use, just credit me ;3 (Sorry if it looks bad, it my very first serious vector in Gimp so don't kill me.)

Yes, this villain is an inanimate object that comes to life. Plus it does talk.

:new: Altered Version: [link]

Crown of Despair, The/Blackthorn/Willow P. W. S. 12/12
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MADMAN03 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012
PennyWereSkunk Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Evil Blackthorn: But a wonder to wear. Hehe.
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December 13, 2012
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